NEW X-Vactor LED - Deep Dive with Colin & Cody  |

The recently released NEW X-Vactor LED launched a few weeks ago and was met with great feedback from printers attending the ISS Fort Worth tradeshow, who were lucky to see it in person.  We had a lot of great questions at the show and wanted to begin answering them in this Deep Dive with Colin, (Ryonet’s Ink & Chemical Product Manager).

The conversion to LED was an internal component change with no other major design changes.  It took a long while to Research and Develop an LED bulb and electrical components that could hit the right wavelength of light, producing a consistent exposure each and every time.  

LED bulb technology benefits the printer that wants to have less bulb waste/replacement over the lifespan of the exposure unit.  LED also drops the energy consumption of the exposure unit, helping printers save money when the electric bill comes due.

The Ryonet team is really proud that we manufacture these exposure units right here in the USA, and we feel honored that we can serve printers with an exposure solution that will stand the test of time.   

Check out the NEW X-Vactor HERE:

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