Winter Sales Report: Popular Winter Apparel and Add-On Opportunities  |

Watch your sales snowball into an avalanche of profits by adding promotional products to your apparel decoration services. Here are a few ideas for great add-on items to go with your cold-weather gear:

Apparel Type: Hoodies

Add-on: Beanies, earbuds, drawstring bags, water bottles

Beanies (and really any type of cooler-weather wear) make excellent add-ons to hoodie orders. Earbuds are great for relaxing while you’re lounging around in sweats, so these also make an effective complementary product for a hooded sweatshirt. Consider offering a discount on any bundled items to encourage product pairing!

Apparel Type: Quarter-Zips

Add-on: Thermoses, socks, gloves, lanyards

Fleece quarter-zips have become pretty popular for corporations, so try other corporate-friendly items such as thermoses, lanyards or anything people can use and keep at work. Snuggly socks and gloves go great with soft, cozy fleece and provide extra warmth, especially when venturing outside in cold weather.

Apparel Type: Coats & Jackets

Add-on: Mugs, scarves, umbrellas, hand warmers

Winter is all about staying warm, so hot cocoa mugs and scarves are additions that you can count on for any winter coat order. For your sports-centered clients or those operating in the construction field, hand warmers are a valuable add-on. Umbrellas can protect from the elements and make a great gift bundle when paired with coats.

What Is ASI and How Can It Help You Fulfill These Orders?

ASI® is the leading membership organization in the $24.7 billion promotional products industry. It helps screen printers like you access wholesale suppliers of promotional products, which can be imprinted with any decoration method your customers need. Simply place your customer’s order with one of ASI’s 3,200 wholesale suppliers. They’ll imprint the product and fulfill the order, and then you invoice your customer and make a 36.5% profit. With an ASI membership, you also get free entry to networking events, industry education and support from over 425 ASI employees.

Show Me the Money

On average, your customers buy promo 3-4 times per year – shouldn’t they buy from you?

Here’s a breakdown of the revenue potential of selling promotional products:

  • The average profit margin on these orders is 36.5%
  • The average order size is $1,064
  • Average number of times a customer needs promo per year: 3
  • Extra equipment and inventory needed: 0

If just 10 of your customers buy their promotional products from you, that’s an average potential extra revenue of $31,920 per year. And all you have to do is ask, “Do you need any promotional items with your apparel order?”

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