Live Printing – Rocking the Event  |

It's finally here! You're all prepped and ready to print live at your gig! Get a good night's rest and eat a big bowl of Wheaties, it's game day.

Before you get there, remember to have pack backups of everything. Screens, squeegees, paper towels, inks, cleaning chemicals, garments, curing devices, etc. You want to be prepared for any conflict that arises so you can combat it like a champ and continue printing.

You are there to earn some cash, but you're also there to let the world know what you can do. Bring your A-game. If there's one thing you want to ensure you have no errors on, it's curing. You don't want a customer to come back with a smeared shirt, or one that's already cracking. 

Engage with your customers. If you have some downtime, get to know the people at the event. You may learn some valuable insight for your business, or make a new friend. Have business cards or company stickers so people can take a tangible reminder of your business with them. You could also have flyers or have iPads demonstrating the other services your company offers.

Whether or not you let people try to pull a squeegee is up to you. If it's a huge event (thousands and thousands of people milling about), you probably don't want to for the sake of time. If you do, get ready to become a teacher. 

Now, have fun. You get to do what you love in front of people who may have never seen screen printing in action. You're great at what you do. Show them how amazing the craft is. You're enhancing their experience at the event. Enjoy it. 

Thanks printers for following the journey. We learned why you should try live printing, how to secure a gig, what to pack, and how to crush the event. We wish you the best success at your next live printing gig. 

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