Meet the Ryonet Instructors  |

Are you interested in learning how to screen print? Have you watched a few YouTube videos, tried it yourself, and decided you would like some help?

Consider taking a class from a Ryonet instructor. Located all over the country, Ryonet educators are there to teach you the basics of artwork, screens, the darkroom, registration, proper printing techniques, foil applications, spot color, garment selection, CMYK printing, business, simulated process, cleanup techniques, and so much more. 

Why take a class from a Ryonet educator? Here's why:

  • Passionate and driven to share their information
  • Skilled and experienced screen printers
  • Dedicated to sharpening and honing their teaching skills by attending the Partner Summit
  • Eager to continue learning and developing their craft

On top of all that, they're all fun, rad people


Lisa Rodenhizer + Dave Porter
Carousel Hat Clothing
Sandy, UT

Stirling Innis + Sandi Fallowfield
Stirling Promotions
Atlanta, GA

Kevin Carle + Raul
San Pedro, CA

Dennis Tan + Allison Chan
Ampersand Print Co.
Brooklyn, NY

Luke Ryerkerk
Waco, TX

Matt Mirpourian + Miguel Rivera
Pacific North Press
Portland, OR

Dany Ochoa
Relik Apparel
Naples, FL

Josh Grahl
National Screen Print & Promo
Cincinnati, OH

Cole Lundstrom
Shirt Agency
Los Angeles, CA

Brett Bowden
Printed Threads
Keller, TX

Erin + Justin Moore
Barrel Marker Printing
Chicago, IL

Steven Cranston + Jackie Alfaro
NorCal Screen Print Supply
Sacramento, CA

TJ Stepper + Colin Huggins
Ryonet Headquarters
Vancouver, WA

Doesn't matter if you're brand new to screen printing or have been in the industry for a bit, the class breaks down every step of the process and walks you through any questions you may have. Taking a class is an investment in yourself, your business, and your future. 

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