Your Decorated Apparel Business is Set to Take Off with the Official Launch of ROQ.US  |

In case you haven't heard, ROQ.US has officially been launched. It's the new arm of a decades-old, pioneering legacy now serving North American screen printers.

Formerly announced at the Impressions Expo in Long Beach, CA, the largest trade show for the screen printing and apparel industries in the U.S., ROQ.US is here to make your life easier.  

“This opportunity to work with our partners to build a meaningful movement has been incredibly inspiring,” says President Ross Hunter. “Being able to support and share the adventure with those we serve is a cornerstone of what fuels us each day.”

The goal is to serve as you, ROQ.US's partner, in the best way possible. ROQ International is based in Portugal, which is a little far away from the United States. Having a branch with the USA means ROQ will be able to provide more distributors, faster installation, less lead time, and better customer support. When you're ready to blast off into automatic printing, ROQ.US will be there to streamline the entire process for you.

Providing this service is extremely exciting. So, ROQ.US had a little fun with the announcement. At the Impressions Expo, ROQ.US broke the news during a concert featuring Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, and Sublime with Rome. For the leaders of ROQ.US, the party wasn't the most thrilling part. 

“Closing the Impressions Expo by witnessing Karen Fisher of Bag Wear Screen Printing win a brand new ROQ screen printing press was the highlight for us and the perfect kickoff for ROQ.US,” Hunter continued. 

For more than 30 years, ROQ International has trail-blazed the global textile, digital, and screen printing industries with cutting-edge innovation inspired by real-world application. The ROQ press fleet streamlines the most time-consuming aspects of screen printing. When you build your business on a ROQ, you stand on a solid foundation of integrity and dependable automation for years to come.

Check out ROQ.US during its North American 2020 tour with the Impressions Expo in Atlantic City, Baton Rouge, Orlando, and Fort Worth. To join the ROQ.US ride, or more information, please follow #PressOnward on social networks and visit You can also call 87-ROQ-IT-NOQ or email the president, Ross Hunter, at

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