So many of us spend most of our days, and lives for that matter, focusing and worrying about what we are doing, or what needs to be done.  In screen printing, for instance, it is so easy to get stuck on learning the latest and greatest technique or process so that you can create a better shirt.  And yes, that’s what you do, but we often forget to look up from the press and focus on how it should all come together, and more importantly, why we are there in the first place.

I originally started with a book called, “How To Make It In Screen Printing,” where I asked screen printers their top business questions, and had in-depth interviews with three shops of different sizes and niches; Pirate Ninja Printing (a.k.a. The Rockford Art Deli), Forward Printing, and CustomInk.  As I looked through the interview notes, and started to combine the sentiment of these three shop owners with the 12 years of experience we’ve had growing and building Ryonet, I started to realize this was more than a Q&A.

In 2015 I started teaching a series of classes on business at the NBM and ISS tradeshows.  To support the classes, I started coming up with exercises that I had used in my business career to help develop and implement some of the concepts mentioned in the book I was writing.

And thus, the book transformed from merely written copy to an integrated workbook with downloadable exercises, supported, spoken, and taught about in a variety of classes, seminars, and workshops throughout the country. Recently, as the book neared its release date, we have also started a Vlog on YouTube, talking about the concepts in the book.  The videos show the concepts in practice in a variety of screen printing shops across the country.  Soon, we’ll even have an audiobook available for download, as well as an online learning course so that you can follow along with the book and seminars.

Why? I am passionate about growth, and love being a part of your stories, seeing and hearing about your successes.  If I can share what I and others have learned with you, maybe you can have a bit more of it too! So, whatever your flavor of learning is, we’ve got you covered and we hope that you are Made To Make It as we all continue to #poweringtheprint together, making the world a better place, one t-shirt at a time.

Ryan Moor

Author, and Founder of Ryonet


Props to Nick and the Print Liberation team for the name, awesome design, and interactive layout of the book. ‘How To Make It In Screen Printing’ just didn’t have the kick we were looking for, and our editor, Jessica Legg suggested that we name it Made To Make It after a new DIYPrintShop tagline and new kit we had just released. So, I hit up my buddy Nick, the founder of Print Liberation and our partner in the DIYPrintShop, and asked him if we could use it. Ever since they pitched me that tagline I’ve loved it, so I was very much hoping he would say yes. Awesomely, for some street cred and good will, he did.  Then I thought, who else better to design it? So they did that too, and kicked some serious ass. Thanks for the name and the awesome book, dudes!

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