In 2015, BigPlanetApparel authored an excellent blog post on why you should go local for your screen printing needs. The advice they shared then is still relevant now, so we thought we’d share a three key takeaways with you on the benefits local screen printers can offer you!

Better Service

Sure, online shopping may SEEM convenient. But, what if something goes wrong? Will you be able to reach a real person to get assistance? What sort of guarantees do they offer? How quickly will they resolve your issue? Shopping local allows you to see the physical product yourself, address any issues on the spot, and gives you access to the source if you need to fix or return something. Furthermore, local businesses are more likely to guarantee their work. Plus, it feels good to support your community, right?

Faster Turnarounds

Screen printing is somewhat of an art, so you want to be sure when you choose a printer that they know what they’re doing. When you order online, you miss out on the opportunity to qualify the person doing the work, and make sure they’ll stand behind it. While a local screen printer might quote you a few hours or days longer than an online retailer, you’ll save a lot of time in the long run by being able to make sure to product is exactly how you want it, not having to wait for shipping, and not having to go through the dreaded online return process. Many things can go wrong with screen printing, and it’s important to be present in the process.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

It may seem like it’s cheaper to buy online. But you have to consider more than the initial purchase in evaluating your total cost of ownership. If there’s a mistake or miscommunication, you’ll almost certainly have to pay for return fees, if they even allow you to return it. Although it’s cliche, time is money, and wasting time talking to customer service reps; spending the time and money to return items, and risking not getting what you wanted in the first place is something you can avoid by going with local screen printers.

What other benefits do local screen printers offer to customers? Drop your feedback in the comments!

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