“Educate first, sell second,” has always been and always will be one of our guiding principals. Since the very first days back in 2004, when we were selling screen printing kits on eBay, we knew that the only way we could be successful was by helping aspiring screen printers learn how to screen print by walking them through the process. After hours and hours of phone explanations, we figured we’d have to find a better way to show people how to do this! So in 2005, over 11 years ago, the Screen Print Experience Classes and educational video series were born. The first videos were a little rough, ok really rough – I think I’ve even been made fun of a time or two over these oldies. But hey! They got the job done. Since then we have recorded almost 20 full length DVD’s including remaking the original 101 DVD two more times. Every new recording we knew more about the artform, were able to provide more succinct information, utilize higher quality visual footage, and ultimately create a much more digestible DVD.

A new way to educate
This year, as we transitioned several of our product lines to exciting new territories like the Green Galaxy Water Based inksBaselayr Complete and Sgreen Chemicals, and even new equipment in the Hot ROQ Quartz Flashes, and the ever-innovative ROQ automatic presses – we figured it’s time to remake our intro to screen printing again! However, since the DVD has almost all but died these days, we decided to do it differently this time around. You guessed it, DIGITAL. This new intro to screen printing video is the most up to date, succinct, well shot, and information packed video on screen printing ever created. In fact, Will Nelson our video czar, made me script out the entire thing, read it word for word, created a shot list scene by screen, filmed it over and over again (I am by no means a one take wonder), then edited it all down for your viewing pleasure. So thank him for keeping my rambling to a minimum. All told, the this new video is almost 25,000 words. That’s almost half the average book size these days! The best part though? You don’t have to read a thing. In fact, you can watch, listen, play, and replay to your screen printing heart’s content on any computer, smartphone, or tablet you please.

The catch
BUT! There’s a catch. Unlike the our previous 20 DVD’s, this high quality online video series will NOT be available for purchase! What did he just say?! But what about all this ink-mixing, squeegee-pushing content you’re holding back?! Well… the truth is, you can’t buy it because we are giving it to you for FREE! No pay per view, no rental, no purchase – just free. So on Black Friday 2016, head on over to our YouTube channel and start watching this epic work of art and film, screen and ink, and press and industry until your quest for screen printing knowledge is satisfied.

Thank you for #poweringtheprint and thank you for learning with us over the past 11 years. Happy Holidays screen printers!

Check out the exciting new How to Screen Print series here and let us know what you think!

Ryan Moor

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