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As we head into the new year and I reflect on the past, I’m reminded of the incredible opportunity we have to serve you and continue progressing this journey with you to help create better prints, jobs, businesses industry, and world. You have made #poweringtheprint into a movement of creativity, change, and improvement that creates new opportunities, ideas, and breeds excitement each and everyday to your peers, your customers, and the Ryonet team. Below, you’ll see what we have planned in 2020 and a few of my favorite highlights you brought us this year.


As we enter 2020, we’re excited to move to a new business structure that allows each of our business units (Ryonet, ROQ, and Allmade) to have both the focus and the means to help you succeed. Our goal is your success: In 2020, we aim to help you do just that. First we’ll focus on increasing our education efforts on printing and process via YouTube and providing additional Screen Print Experience locations and courses for all segments – manual, auto, and digital. We’ll also work to advance our knowledge of our industry’s impact with eco-friendlier™ apparel manufacturing, as well as up-to-date business education and thought leadership. Oh yeah, one more thing we are looking forward to in 2020 – Waco, Texas! That’s right. We are expanding Ryonet operations and opening up PolyPrint Digital HQ in Waco under captain Luke Ryerkerk! That means better support, supplies, and education in the South. It’ll be right in the backyard of all ya wonderful Texan screen printers (which happens to be the second largest market in the US of A).

Now, let’s look at what has happened in 2019 that’ll help support what’s to come in 2020.


That’s FN right! We’re screen printers after all, which means we’re a little rough around the edges. As printers grow businesses and compete in this competitive space, we’re always looking for a great product at a great price. Welcome, FN-INK™, it’s financially necessary. Join the movement & take a stand against crazy ink prices! Screen printers are loving it, so if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to get some in your FN shop. #fnink


Project 376 began as a secret project. Secret projects get codenames, and Project 376 was born. Why 376? It’s the Pantone® color of green, our color of Ryonet. Green is also the color of health. Project 376 aims to create healthier jobs and businesses, and planet. You took initiative to support movements to end the sale of caustic products like aerosol screen opener. You incorporated a greener, cleaner, eco-friendlier chemical solution, Sgreen® in your shop. Read the blog to learn more about how you can make your shop greener.

In 2020, we look forward to strengthening this movement with expanded resources and products in our Green Galaxy Water Based Inks, reusable frames, and other eco-friendlier™ products and initiatives. Join the movement. #poweringtheprint #project376

1,000,000 ALLMADE SHIRTS (Actually 1,148,585 and Counting!

In September, you helped us to accomplish selling our millionth Allmade shirt! What a milestone. What an impact. With more than 1,148,585 shirts sold, the Allmade movement has started to solidify and the impact can be felt in every tee. 

It seems like just yesterday that we were sitting on a rooftop in Haiti, dreaming up the first Allmade t-shirt. Three years have passed already, and we couldn't be more proud of this movement that screen printers have joined with us!

Just like most great things, it hasn’t been all smooth-sailing. Towards the end of the year, we have been haunted with out-of-stock inventory. We have been working hard to strengthen our business partnerships and supply chain to provide a healthier, more dependable inventory pipeline. Thank you for your patience and support through this situation. We’re excited to announce that this December, we were able to bring on two, new, ethical labor and environmentally-focused factories. One located in Tennessee and the other one in Honduras, which have already started ramping up inventory for 2020’s busy season. Thank you for choosing to #makeitbetter and sharing/wearing/selling/printing our <3 on your sleeve. #allmadeapparel #feelyourimpact 


This year we are thrilled to welcome more than 100 new ROQrs to the community. It was a pleasure to film 320Ink and Print Renegades, who invested in The Next, ROQ’s newest press! These new customers, plus many current customers like you who expanded business this year by purchasing more ROQ equipment, helped make the US and Canada the largest ROQ market in the world for four years.

As the ROQ community grows, we are excited to develop a closer connection between powerful influencers and ROQ International, which started with an amazing trip traveling to Portugal (headquarters of ROQ International) with more than 30 ROQ customers. We printed on the ROQ’s new digital machine, the ROQNow, drank and ate the superb tastes of northern Portugal, and had a blast strengthening our community. In 2020, we’re looking to go back again and hope you can join us! 

We’re also excited to drop some BIG news at the Impressions Show starting January 17th. We hope you’ll meet up with us for an awesome party on Friday the 17th (register for FREE here). Be sure to enter for a chance to SPIN AND WIN a brand-new ROQ Press on Sunday the 19th. #roqout 

Keep dreaming of better shirts, bigger business, and creating new opportunities and amazing products. Most of all, keep #poweringtheprint.

Thank you and happy New Year! 

Ryan Moor

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