Print on Face Masks with the New, Economical Ryonet Universal Face Mask Platen  |

Face masks aren't going anywhere anytime soon. As more and more states start to lift some stay-at-home restrictions, more people and businesses will need face masks. 

Cedar City House of Print has been pumping out tons of personalized masks for big corporations like Starbucks.

Ink Lab Screen Printing has also been printing tons of masks for small, local businesses.

These people and businesses will be turning to you to personalize the face masks. But when the pandemic hit, most screen printers lost a ton of business. To print on face masks, you'll need a new platen and a stockpile of face masks. Buying new equipment is expensive, but it doesn't have to be.

We're pumped to announce the new, efficient, affordable Ryonet Universal Face Mask Platen


This platen, constructed with solid aluminum, can be used to print on almost any cloth face mask on the market. The platen has a 2"x3" printing area containing neoprene foam, which helps adhere the face mask to the platen. The face mask platen works for Riley Hopkins 150 press, 250, and 300. The platen doesn't work for Riley Hopkins 350 presses because it does not have tube-like arms. 

The platen features a unique lockdown feature on the Ryonet Face Mask Platen. With one hand, you can clamp down the face mask onto the platen, stretching the mask to create the most optimal, smooth printing surface that's not going to move when you print. 


The Ryonet Universal Face Mask Platen was designed to be a great mask platen at a great price. No need to dip into savings or incur more debt just to get back into the shop. 

Oh, have I mentioned that the platen bracket comes with the platen? Yeah, it's pretty awesome. If you're printing with a Riley Hopkins press, the Ryonet Universal Face Mask Platen is where you'll get a great bang for your buck. 


Need a source for face masks? We got you covered. Check out the Allmask™.

Learn how to screen print on face masks.

Budget super tight? Learn how to make your own face mask platen. 

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