Printers on Press: Pro Offset Printing Co. Shop Tour  |

A lot of folks might remember MTV Cribs from the late 90’s and how much fun it was to see behind the scenes, peek into a celebrity’s garage, even the fridge to see what your favorite musician was eating or drinking for lunch that day. We won’t be visiting the cribs of major musicians, but we are visiting some of the shops of the coolest, creative, and customer centric teams of people that are powering the print, each and every day. We are inspired by our customers, and want to share the unique stories to help inspire others to push and grow.

For the first installment of Printers on Press we are visiting with Steven Miller from ProOffset in Orange, TX. Steven was gracious enough to give our production team a behind the scenes tour of ProOffset’s beginning, how it has evolved over the years, and we will learn where he sees the future going for the company. The major takeaway for our team is that ProOffset is not afraid of new technology, or embracing it, and then leveraging it to offer customers the best offering and customer experience.

Check out this Printers on Press - Shop Tour, and keep on the lookout for the upcoming Printers on Press - Shop Talk.

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