Ryonet is very excited to announce Vastex as a ROQ Referral Partner. This partnership will benefit customers wanting to have access and build awareness of ROQ products in Vastex’s East Coast showroom, the Vastex website, as well as in upcoming strategic industry trade shows.

The ROQ Referral Partnership is going to benefit Ryonet and Vastex customers, as there will be more opportunities than before to gain awareness of how ROQ automatic screen printing solutions can positively impact the operation of their shops. Ryonet will continue to maintain exclusivity of ROQ Distribution in the United States and Canada, providing all pricing, service, & warranty support across the ROQ product lines.

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"We have long respected the reputation and quality that Vastex commands in the manual market and ROQ’s design and construction theories align well with their equipment. In fact, one of our first ROQ sales to Family Industries was referred to us by Vastex and have continued to grow, advocate and #roqout since. Ryonet since worked with Vastex to create our Hot Rocket line of electric dryers in the market which help screen printers effectively transition from manual printing and start ROQin with smaller budgets and spaces." - Ryan Moor

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