ROQ Compatible Dual Sleeve Platens manufactured by Ryonet  |

ROQ automatic presses are a foundational key to a screen printers production capabilities.  One of the great features is the ROQ-solid print arms that minimizes deflection, ensuring consistency from your first print to your last.  

Consistency & Strength

The consistency & strength derives from the design of the print arm.  ROQ print arms are larger in size than many other manufacturers making certain smaller garment prints tricky… UNTIL NOW, thanks to the NEW ROQ Compatible Dual Sleeve Platen, manufactured by Ryonet.

The NEW ROQ Compatible Dual Sleeve Platen has been meticulously designed by Ryonet’s industrial design team undergoing rigorous production testing of these units in the field making this platen ROQ ready.  

Made in the USA

Made in the USA from honeycomb aluminum platen bodies that can withstand the heat and production strain of the sleeve printing process.  Twin 3.75” wide print areas gives the printer the ability to print two long or short sleeves, pockets, pant legs, shorts at the same time. A printer should expect a boost to production in comparison to standard single sleeve pallets.  These platen’s work great with 23" x 31” screens.

Extra Strength

Dual clips ensure extra strength in the locking mechanism and the stiffening rails provide extra stability for longer production runs.  Each of Ryonet’s ROQ Compatible Dual Sleeve platens come with a heat resistant platen arm cover, helping protect the printer from residual heat when flashing.

The ROQ Compatible Dual Sleeve platens are ready to go to work on your sleeves, you ready to get ROQ’n?  We are expecting high-demand and limited initial availability with this product announcement.  Be sure to get your order in NOW so you can get ROQ’n all those sweet sweet sleeves!

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