ROQ NEXT | Fully Automated Screen Printing Press  |

The ROQ Next combines the previous technologies to create the next version of ROQ screen printing press solutions. Combining the chain drive and independent head control of an Eco with the simple wide-open format of a You, the ROQNext creates a new line of screen printing presses at a medium price point built to advance the market with maximum speed, efficiency and return on investment.

Featuring a dual chain drive system the roq next enables go to pallet features for easy setup, print from screen functionality for quick strike offs, and faster indexing for cycles up to 1200 pieces per hour.

The independent lift head functionality also increases production speed by optimizing each print stroke and speed individually while adding additional functionality for the easy flock, foil, and other attachments to be added into the machine.

The XL press size also maximizes a print stroke of almost 40”.

The ROQ Next is definitely a press to consider for the growing, innovating, and efficiency-minded print shop. It’s even compatible with a digital printhead in the future, but we’ll save that for another video series.

Is the ROQ Next the next press for your shop?

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