How To Apply Dual Tack Platen Tape  |

There are two things ever screen printing platen needs.
Platen paper to protect the platen and make it easy to clean And
Tack to ensure the shirt sticks down during printing.

While most of the time these are done in two steps. The new Dual Tack Platen paper not only does both but lasts longer and performs better than standard pallet paper and tack solutions. Here's how it works:

The trick is a good application.
If you have ever put vinyl on, it's a lot like doing that!
Make sure you platen is clean and free of dust and lint.
Apply the tape from the back with the sticky side down.
Cut at the top of the platen.
Use the tape role or the a squeegee to slowly stick the tape to the platen ensuring there are no air bubbles. If you get an air bubble you can pull off an do again.
Use a sharp razor to cut close to the edge of the pallet or on the edge.
Peel the top back slowly.
If you have any small air bubbles you can use a razor to pop them and smooth them out.
To ensure you are using dual tack platen paper in the most eco-friendly manner, both the paper and poly waste can be recycled in the respected paper or plastic bins.

Though it takes slightly longer to apply the work is worth the wait. The dual tack platen paper is a polyurethane base so it holds up much longer than standard paper. You can reactive the tack once it has started to lose its grip by using a wet sponge and some Awesome spray. After time if it loses more stick you can apply standard tack or glue to this as well.

Dual tack is great for standard shirts and most fabrics though some additional tack may be needed for fleece or high viscous materials. For fleece, you can reapply adhesive (spray or water-based) every 5th fleece for example, you could expect to wipe away the lint every 5th fleece with water and a sponge from the Dual-Tack Pallet Tape. After it has been used for fleece, the adhesive can be reactivated again for printing shirts next.

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