“One In A Million started screen printing in 2008 with a Riley Hopkins® press and small dryer. After a few years we invested in our first automatic. We bought a Brown press – what problems didn’t we have? It wasn’t funny.”

What attracted you to ROQ (S.Roque) in the first place and what made up your mind to purchase a ROQ Automatic Screen Printing Machine?

“I was actually looking at an M&R® until Ryan made me an interesting offer to buy back my Brown, and I could not refuse it; I was still hesitant until my dear friend Marvin Guillot (RIP) changed my mind, and I’m glad he did — this press is nice!!”

What machine did you decide on and why?

“The ROQ YOU XL — I took Ryan’s advice and followed his lead.”

What did you fall in love with first when you got your new machine?

“Before or after setting up — eh either way it’s all awesome.”

If someone asked you about buying a ROQ (S.Roque), what advice would you give them?

“Come to my shop and watch. I don’t have to say a word.”

– Sasan – Owner of One In A Million
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