Ryonet Opens New Fulfillment Center in PA, Scaling to Meet the Needs of More Printers  | Screenprinting.com

VANCOUVER, WA - April 1, 2022 - Ryonet has announced an investment in Pennsylvania, launching a fully operational center to support expanded distribution throughout North America. As the new fulfillment center is established, it will create up to 10 full time jobs and serve over 17,000 customers in 30 states. Customers of www.ScreenPrinting.com will enjoy faster service, shorter lead-times, deeper inventory, and easier access to more key supplies with this new distribution center in eastern Pennsylvania. 

"Ryonet invested in a top notch fulfillment center designed for accuracy and efficiency. We are proud that we have an awesome group of local Pennsylvanians to run our North East location with pride and integrity,” Chris Drury, Director of Manufacturing & Warehousing, Ryonet said.

a map of the united states with shipping days

The new 10,000 square foot fulfillment center will house over 500 unique supply products that printers can purchase on ScreenPrinting.com. Ryonet team members will pick, pack, and ship items such as FN-INK™, Baselayr™, Sgreen® Chemistry, films, adhesives, frames, and much more directly to printers shops. 

"The faster we can supply our customers with products, the quicker they can succeed and grow. Opening in the NE expands our reach to allow us to supply 90% of the country in 1-2 days. This is crucial for our customers and we couldn’t be more excited about this expansion and opportunity," Ashley Metzger, Director of Purchasing & Logistics, Ryonet said.

The pandemic has made it clear that a consistent, reliable, and available supply chain is crucial to maintaining production. This warehouse stocks and ships to all shops: there are no limitations or restrictions holding any printers back from getting what they need for their own production.

This new fulfillment center will power the last mile of ScreenPrinting.com’s order processes and help increase the efficiency of deliveries for garment decorators throughout North America. The location in Lititz, PA, was chosen as it can reach 28 states within 2-days of standard carrier transit times. Printers will enjoy shorter lead times and access to expanded stock of the supplies they need to maximize their production. The goal is that printers feel the positive impact of the team being closer than ever before, available online or just a quick phone call away. 

Warehouse shelves stocked full of ink

Busy season for the garment decoration industry in the US really ramps up as the weather gets warmer. Are you ready for T-shirt weather? We are. This new distribution hub will empower printers with the means to meet their own production needs faster than ever before. The ScreenPrinting.com team is excited to meet the needs of printers where they are, and on their terms. 

"Quality products that are close to home will save printer's time, money, and stress. We want our customers to spend less time waiting and more time creating," Brandon Schmunk, President, Ryonet said.

Customers of ScreenPrinting.com earn rewards on all their orders for use on any future order, it's as easy as logging in to start saving today. Customers of ScreenPrinting.com interested in streamlining their reorders can download the ScreenPrinting.com App from Apple or Android App stores. App users enjoy exclusive perks & benefits, with easy access to all their reorder info. 

warehouse shelves full of gallons of ink

Any shop that is interested in saving even more time and money should check out the FN-INK™ line because it doubles as a Ready-To-Use ink line, and a Full Mixing system. If you haven’t tried FN-INK™ yet, this first round is on ScreenPrinting.com. Throw a pint of white FN-INK™ in your cart and use code PAPINT at checkout to get it for free. Cheers!

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