Not sure about Screen Print Experience classes? Check out these testimonials from students of the class.

Super Helpful

“I learned a ton from you guys, totally feel comfortable pursuing a screen printing business. Josh is a kick a** dude! TJ was super helpful and explained anything I asked. The happy hour wasn’t too bad either.” KYLE B.

Taught Me A Lot

“I really enjoyed coming to the Ryonet facility and meeting the team. It’s nice to put a face to everyone I have spoken with on the phone. The class was very informational and taught me a lot for being new to the industry. I look forward to coming out again for more classes and training. Thanks to all the Ryonet crew” MATT B.

Patient with us Noobs

“Awesome weekend! Learned a lot – def. feel more comfortable about starting my own business! All the teachers were super helpful and patient with us noobs!” JEN H.

Worth the Money

“I feel like this was more than worth the money and I would recommend the Screen Print Experience class to everyone. I think I can go home now and start producing shirts” ZACH C.


“The past few days have been exceptional! I enjoyed the staff very much and still learned things that are very important that I never would have discovered on my own. The instructors were clear, and I provided a great time” ETHAN A.

Great for Beginner and Professional

“This is a great class for a beginner or even a professional screen printer. I learned a lot about multi-color designs and how to print them to a shirt. They covered all the bases of the screen printing process. Great instructors that really took their time to make sure everyone was getting all their questions answered.” RYAN S.

Staff was Awesome

“I had such a great experience! I feel more prepared to start a business and am excited to begin working on the skills I learned. The entire staff was awesome! Thank You!” LARA D.

Class was Amazing

“Loved the instructors and people we got to work with. I learned so much and feel like this class provided a great wealth of knowledge and great hands on experience. Still so much to learn but feel so much better and the screen printing process after attending the class. You guys ROCK!” NICOLE B.

One On One Instruction

“Awesome experience. The amount of hands on experience and one on one instruction was great. I learned more than I thought I would. The staff and instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and were able to demonstrate or answer any questions I had.” RAMZEY S.

Beyond Wonderful

“By attending the Screen Print Experience, I have learned so much about screen printing and our industry. The instructors made me feel comfortable and excited to learn more about screen printing. The overall class was beyond wonderful.” EMILY W.

Very Knowledgable

“The class went above my expectations! Our instructors were very knowledgeable and covered everything in great detail. Awesome Class!” JASON S. (Chicago)

Amazing Class

“I walked in knowing nothing about screen printing and I walked out feeling confident I can run a successful screen printing business. Amazing class!” DAVID K. (Chicago)

Highly Recommend

“Excellent instructors who pass on their real world experience in an actual screen print shop. Great for someone just starting out or someone who’s been doing it awhile and wants to expand their knowledge of the industry. Would highly recommend.” GRANT G.(Chicago)

Extremely Beneficial

“The whole Ryonet crew were extremely helpful. We came in knowing a little about screen-printing and they taught us some much more than we were capable of teaching ourselves. Josh’s positive attitude and his broad base of experience and knowledge about screen-printing made our time there extremely beneficial.” TIMOTHY L. (Vancouver, WA)

Excellent Job

“The instructors did an excellent job of equipping us with tools to go out in the real world and apply what we were taught. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to break into the screen printing industry.”DONNY M.

Avoid Simple Mistakes

“I started my company a little over a year ago and wish I had taken this class before I started. Having the knowledge gained in the class before I started would have helped me avoid some simple mistakes and save a ton of money. Ross was a great instructor who knows his stuff and was open and honest without pretense.” TIM M.

Very Special People

“The staff and employees here are very special people. I have never been in a business with people that have so much joy doing what they do. It was a real inspiration” TOMAS F.

Recommend for Anyone

“I didn’t really know what to expect coming into the class. The entire staff is extremely personable and helpful. Our instructor, Ross, is an open book of invaluable experience, emphasizing what to do and what not to do. My confidence is through the roof- and now armed with knowledge and resources for when it dips. I highly recommend this experience for anyone even remotely thinking about getting into the industry.” JOEL D.

Knowledgeable Staff

“Great knowledgeable staff at Ryonet. I was very impressed by the quality of the equipment” Ed G.

Couldn’t Be Better

“Wonderful instruction, environment, sales. Couldn’t be better than the latest and great machines and products. Nice to also be at the facility to see inventory and all the support your team has to offer.” Rick G.

Very Hands On

“­­­­­­­I really enjoyed going to the class even though I only went the first day. Everyone was very kind and willing to help us out. I appreciated that everything was very hands on and even if we weren’t sure how to do something, you guys took the time to figure it out.” Jade K. (Vancouver, WA)

Loved it

“­­­­­­­Super informative, I loved it.” George V. (Cerritos)

Very Helpful Staff

“­­­­­­­Very helpful class for people that want to start a business of printing. Very helpful staff. Enjoyed every hour of the 2-day training.” Jerry G. (Cerritos)

I Learned A lot

“­­­­­­­I learned a lot! Thanks for the step by step instructions & the tips on PS.” Cynthia P. (Cerritos)


“­­­­­­­Thanks! The class filled in all the gaps.” Benny G. (Cerritos)

Exceeded My Expectations

“­­­­­­­Class is perfect. Exceeded my expectations. The best part is the staff and how friendly everyone is.” Dennis T. (Vancouver, WA)

Team was Positive and Encouraging

“­­­­­­­The Ryonet staff was excellent at being hands-on with every phase of the training. Being a complete novice to screen printing the Ryonet team was always positive and encouraging giving feedback or corrective training.” B.Y. (Vancouver, WA)

More than Expected

“­­­­­­­Lots of useful information, to assist in learning proper techniques and breaking bad habits. Would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in apparel design.” Anonymous (Vancouver, WA)

Great Job

“­­­­­­­Staff was fun and very helpful. Great Job!” Noland H. (Vancouver, WA)

Experience I will Never Forget

“­­­­­­­The Screen Print Experience was one that I will never forget. The people who ran it were kind and open to our ideas and comments. They even let us make actual shirts the 1st day, which I was thrilled to do. I feel so accomplished because of these people and I thank them for teaching me the “Powering the Print”.” Gennah J. (Vancouver, WA)

So Much Fun

“­­­­­­­Forward Printing instructors were awesome & accommodating. Loved the tricks they showed us. Super inspiring!” Mystic J. (Oakland)

I Will Be Back

“­­­­­­­Thank you for the knowledge, I will be back. You two are very bright and beautiful individuals.” Clinton B. (FL)

Look Forward to Working with Ryonet

“­­­­­­­Dany was great and was very helpful. He knew his product well and wasn’t worried about telling us what was what. We look forward to working with Ryonet & Relik Ink in the future.” Anonymous (FL)

A Pleasure

“­­­­­­­Dany and his wife were very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Dany is a straight shooter, and I look forward to doing business with him in the future. Relik Ink is a great representative for the Ryonet brand and we are excited to business with you as well.” Chad C. (FL)

Thanks a Million

“­­­­­­­On the behalf of myself and my company, Majestic Tees, I just want to say thanks a million for the knowledge and we are going to use it to the best of our ability. Dany you are the best and Yeilsy you were very helpful and supportive. Ryonet, your class, was the bomb!”Toure F. (FL)

Easy to Learn

“­­­­­­­This class is amazing. I had zero understanding of screen printing until now. This class was informative, friendly, and easy to learn, I am so happy I chose this clas. Awesome people!” Corey W. (FL)

Genuine Help

“­­­­­­­Thanks for the knowledge, the genuine help, and the eagerness to answer & show us any questions we had. Thanks again!” Keegan M. (FL)

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