It’s no secret that we’re passionate about screen printing around these parts… screens, ink, presses, squeegees-it all gets us pretty excited! So much so, that we made a video last July as our ode to screen printing. That’s right, an ODE. Above and beyond the craft of screen printing itself, our goal was (and is) to acknowledge the people behind the printing… SCREEN PRINTERS!!! You are the reason we do what we do and why we love it, truly.

So sit back, grab a cold drink and take a load off… you need a break anyway, right?!!? Enjoy this new video, “We Are Screen Printers, Ode to Screen Printing (part 2). The Ryonet team salutes you, the screen printer!!!

Here’s the video that started it all last year:

We’re proud to be in the screen printing industry with awesome people. WE ARE SCREEN PRINTERS!!!

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