How Financing Equipment can Help Screen Printers Do More  |

How Financing Equipment Can Help Screen Printers Do More

Jacelyn Wedman

You know the struggle: your conveyor dryer breaks down, and without it, you can’t run at the volume you need in order to meet deadlines. You need a new conveyor dryer, but that’s a few thousand dollars that you don’t have in your pocket at the moment. How are you going to pay for a new conveyor?

Good news: there’s an answer to this problem. Queue financing. The term may sound scary, but financing provides a great opportunity to pay off expensive equipment slowly, in manageable installments. With a couple of financing options, you can pay how you like. Let’s talk about how financing through works, what your options are, and how to do it.

Which Screen Printing Kit is Right for Your Shop?  |

Which Screen Printing Kit is Right for Your Shop?

Jacelyn Wedman

So you’re looking to start up a shop, but don’t know where to start. Maybe you want to upgrade your equipment, but hate comparison shopping. Well, there’s a solution. Buying a screen printing kit can be a great way to get all your equipment and supplies with one click. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a shop upgrade, there’s a kit for you. How do you know which screen printing kit is right for you? Let’s break it down.

Finally, A DIY kit for Serious Printers

AR Department

From the moment you receive the box in the mail, Ryonet’s DIY Print Shop Kit shouts innovation. With its unique graphics (courtesy of Print Liberation) printed proudly on the packaging, you are welcomed into the world that Ryonet and Print Liberation rules: Do It Yourself Screen Printing. Once containing only a one-color press, the new DIY 4-Color Screen Printing Kit now allows DIY-ers to print up to four colors per design, giving beginners the tools they need to print like a pro.

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