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  • a screen printed heat transfer on press
    July 10, 2020 Sage Larson

    How To Screen Print With Plastisol Heat Transfers

    Screen printing heat transfers can seem daunting but in reality, it’s actually fairly simple. If made properly, plastisol heat transfers can last almost as long as a screen prints and can be much easier to apply in certain scenarios. Here are a few ways screen printing your own transfers can help your business.
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  • The Heat Press, Every Printer's Secret Tool
    January 8, 2020 Sage Larson

    The Heat Press, Every Printer's Secret Tool

    Every screen print shop needs a heat press. Every. Single. One. Why would you even need a heat press in a shop? Many reasons, like special orders, curing options, and smoothing techniques.  CONSISTENT, LOW-QUANTITY ORDERS Sometimes, you'll get sporadic, random orders. A plumbing...

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