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    February 19, 2021 Sage Larson

    How to Create Engaging Social Media Posts

    Who isn't on social media? It's a great thing, but it also creates a challenge for businesses. How do you cut through the noise? Whatever your goal may be for putting your business on social platforms (increase brand awareness, generate leads...

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  • Four Ways to Print Black Plastisol Ink on a Black Shirt
    September 9, 2020 Sage Larson

    Four Ways to Print Black Plastisol Ink on a Black Shirt

    Printing black plastisol ink on a black shirt — trendy, right? As with everything in screen printing, there are multiple ways to achieve this goal. From using a puff base to printing with clear base to curing at higher and lower temperatures, printers can offer a variety of effects and looks to their customers. Let's take a look to see how each technique turns out so you can decide what's best for your next print job.
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  • person locking in screen in screen clamp
    September 4, 2020 Sage Larson

    Invest in the Stock Market or Invest in Yourself

    Investing in the stock market isn’t the only way to bring home more money. Another way is to start a side hustle. Since you’re here, I believe it’s safe to assume that you’re thinking about diving into screen printing. If you’re a problem solver, a go-getter, a hard worker who’s creative, motivated, and driven, then screen printing is definitely for you. 
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  • water pouring out of drain onto filtration system
    August 21, 2020 Sage Larson

    Disposing of Hazardous Screen Print Shop Waste

    The screen printing process creates waste, particularly in the form of inks, emulsions, and the chemicals used to clean them off screens and tools. Some of this waste is hazardous. As awareness of environmental and safety concerns continue to grow, so does the importance of having a plan for properly disposing of it.
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  • stack of printed shirts
    August 12, 2020 Luke Ryerkerk

    Tips for DTG Printing on 100% Cotton Garments

    Like in screen printing, the type of garment will affect how you print via Direct-To-Garment (DTG). This week, expert Luke Ryerkerk dives into the specifics about printing 100% cotton on a DTG printer. 
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