Teaching others how to screen print is one of the things we enjoy the most here at Ryonet. To top that off, teaching the next generation of screen printers is even better! Children absorb things in a way that adults don’t. The wonder and enthusiasm that they possess are like no other. So, you could say we had an amazing time with the Dream Big Community center at Ryonet’s dream big event. Children of a variety of different ages and their families came to Ryonet to learn all about screen printing. They received hands-on experience with multi-color prints, foil transfers, and more.

You could definitely tell that the kids were enjoying themselves, but I think we had just as much fun teaching them as they did learning. Ryonet employees donated their time outside of the workday to help teach the kids all things screen printing. This was the third year that we have hosted the Dream Big Community Center at our headquarters. The event is just one part of our Ryonet Cares program.

About the Ryonet Cares Program.

One of Ryonet’s core values is to serve. This value doesn’t just pertain to our customers. We also strive to serve the community that we live in. Ryonet Cares represents our vision for a better community and a better world. Our goal is to improve the standards of humanity and fellowship amongst all people and across all borders. Through the Power of Print, anything can happen, and we want to help others realize their potential. If you think you can benefit from the Ryonet Cares program, please reach out to us! We love to help others in any way we can.

About the Dream Big Community Center

The Dream Big Community Center was developed in 2004. The 5013c non-profit organization provides adolescents with opportunities that help them learn, grow, and flourish. These various opportunities also help to provide children with a better quality of life. Dream Big is known for being a place that helps people follow their dreams. Although the center is designed for adolescents, they provide fun events and opportunities for the whole family. If you want to learn more about the Dream Big Community Center, check them out here. 

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