Facebook is one of the most important social media platforms for a screen printing business to have. It is a place where you can not only build your brand awareness, but also run targeted ads to your niche market. 65% of Americans use Facebook. Not taking advantage of the Facebook platform means you are not only missing out on the opportunity of teaching a large number of people about your brand, but also missing out on potential sale opportunities.

Creating Your Facebook Business Page:

The first step of building your brand on Facebook is to set up an actual business page for your company. You can do this by heading on over to the page creation section. Make sure to click the option that says “Local Business or Place.” You will want to fill in the information for your page name, the page category (put in local business), your location, and your phone number. Facebook will prompt you to add both a profile picture and cover photo for your business page. This is a step you will not want to skip because people are less likely to click on a page that doesn’t contain a photograph. After these two steps your Facebook page will be created, but not so fast, you need to go in and edit the information in your about section.

On the left side of the page under your profile picture, you will see a variety of different menu options. Make sure to click the “about” section. Fill in all of the information in this section. This will help cut down on the number of questions you receive on Facebook because people will know how to contact you for inquiries and know what services you offer. Fewer questions mean less time wasted and less time wasted means more productivity!

Building Your Brand On Facebook:

So your Facebook page is created. Now you need to start making posts on your page. Your posts help communicate who your company is, what your company stands for, and the services you offer. There are three different categories of posts that you should be creating on a regular basis. The categories include:

  • Posts that show your team at work
  • Posts of your products
  • User-generated content

Posts that show your team at work help to make your company seem real. It helps your customers connect with your company and when they can do that, they will be more likely to order from you. Showcasing your products on your page is also really important. People want to see the quality of the things they will be receiving. User-generated content is a must-have on your Facebook page. It helps show potential customers that people were happy with the products they received. This helps to generate more leads because potential customers will have more trust in your company.

Make sure to keep all of your posts engaging. Ask questions to encourage engagement, and constantly pay attention to what your followers like to see. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the majority of your posts should be telling a story. Keep it at the 70/30 rule. 70% of your content should be telling a story and 30% should be promotional.

Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts:

If you aren’t planning on taking advantage of Facebook ads and boosted posts, you should be. They are an amazing tool to get your products and content out to potential customers. If you are wanting to push a sale or a specific product, Facebook ads are the way to go. You create your Facebook ads through Facebook ad manager. When creating your ads you will want to create an audience for your ad group. In this audience, put in the location of the people you want to target, as well as their age group, their gender, and their interests. Interests may seem a little tricky, but it really is not. The interests should pertain to what you are wanting to sell. So, if you are wanting to sell screen printed t-shirts, some of the interests could include business swag, custom shirts, etc. Create a budget for what you are wanting to spend. A little can go a long way!

Do you have organic content (you’re normal everyday posts) that are performing well? This is the perfect way to use boosted posts. Boosting your well-performing posts help to push your organic content out to people who do not like your page yet. Boosting well-performing content will generate higher engagement on your posts, new likes for your page, and new leads for your business. You can set an audience and a budget just like in Facebook ads.

Following the steps above will help get you on the right track to establishing your company’s Facebook presence. Remember to pay attention to what is working well for your page, what is not, and to constantly adjust accordingly. If you are looking for more marketing tips check out 6 Steps to Getting Your Rad Screen Printing Business Online and The 3 Types of Marketing Emails You Should Be Sending, 

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