The Idea of Allmade:

Ryan Moor started screen printing in high school as a way to promote his punk rock band. By 2004 Ryonet was established as a distributor for screen printing equipment and supplies. Fast forward to 2016, Ryan was speaking to his team at ISS. During that talk, he mentioned “you may think that what we do doesn’t really matter. I mean they’re just t-shirts, right? But what we have to remember is that we have the opportunity to change the world of every screen printer we meet. And, who knows, the shirts they print also may change the world—creating new jobs, promoting a movement, or transforming an industry!”

That same day Zac McCarthy came up to Ryan and asked him if he would be interested in helping make shirts in Haiti that help orphans. You see Zac worked with GOEX, a subset of the Global Orphan Project. He discussed with Ryan both the worldwide orphan issue and the financial hardship that the Haitian people face. Zac and the ryonet team discussed the possibilities of a partnership for six months. In August of 2016, Ryan and his family took a trip to Haiti with the GOEX team. This trip changed Ryan’s mindset and the idea of Allmade surfaced.

Founding Allmade and Defining our Values:

Ryonet and ten other screen printing business founded Allmade. Each part of the team was equally passionate about creating a better shirt for a better tomorrow. A shirt that is not only eco-friendly, but one that also helps give people a leg up and benefits orphan care. This time last year our founders came together and defined Allmade’s values. Defining your values is extremely important because it is what helps lead your company in the right direction. These values help your company and the people in it have a reason for the work that they do.

Here at Allmade, we started creating our values by writing down on sticky notes what we wanted our company to be. The founders wrote down values such as helping the needy, jobs before automation, living wages, fair trade, eco-friendly, defying the status quo, and more. Each of these things were combined and transformed into our four core values. Which are:

  • Bring the Fire – We advocate, share, and fully commit to our purpose. When the chips are down, we preserve through doubt, through failure, and through those who don’t believe or who try to stop us.
  • Selfless Love – It is not about us, it is bigger than us. We will give love to the people who need it and to the mother earth that supports it before us. We are all about people and the planet over the process. Living wage, as well as sustainable supply chain and business practices, are at the top of our minds.
  • Openness – We are transparent and we are inclusive. We are open to new ways of doing things and new people to do them with.
  • Prestige – We build widespread respect and admiration in the market based on our quality, our achievements, and our purpose.

Where we are going:

Allmade has come a long way since its founding. Men’s crews, women’s crews, and women’s v necks are currently offered. We are building up our inventory in the three primary colors: space black, aluminum grey, and rebel blue. Once we have a greater inventory of those colors, we will build up our seasonal colors. Expanding beyond those colors is also on our to-do list. Tank top options are in the works for spring. Hoodies and crews are also currently being designed.

We are currently shipping out $70,000 of inventory each month. By q1 of 2018, we plan to be at $140,000 a month and $200,000 by q4. We are looking at expanding the Allmade operation beyond Haiti, specifically to Guatemala and Honduras. While doing this we want to make sure we keep the transportation loop as tight as possible in order to keep the environmental impact to a minimum. We are currently looking at making the material of the shirt even better by looking at both bamboo and hemp options to replace the cotton.

Thank you

We would like to extend a special thank you all of those who have supported us and got behind the Allmade mission. If you want to get involved, check out becoming an early adopter or joining us on our January Haiti trip. With your help, we can continue to make a better shirt for a better tomorrow.

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