The New Design of the Riley Hopkins Laser System  |

Why would a printer want a laser guiding system? Great question.

  • Simplifies setups
  • Reduces amount of misprints
  • Quickens prep time
  • Improves registration

Old school way to is to grab a t-square and sharpie and draw the lines yourself on each pallet. That process works, but it's definitely time consuming. Your time is money. If there's a way for you to streamline a process, why not take advantage of it?

The laser system is super easy to install. You can spin the system 360 degrees, move it up and down, and move the laser 360 degrees. The Riley Laser Guiding System works for the Riley Hopkins AERO, WIN, Juniors, 300, and 350 presses. If you're just getting started in screen printing, learn about which Riley Hopkins press is best for you.

The previous system had two lasers, the new system has one laser. The laser produces two, bright crosshairs (just as the previous version did) that are visible on platens, garments, and screens. Having one laser makes it easier for you to maintain consistency when registering each job. 

Helpful tip for you: when adjusting the laser system, make sure to move the entire system rather than the laser itself. For example, say you're going to be printing on the chest. If you tilt the laser to point at the chest, the lines will be crooked. Instead, move the entire system so the laser is above the chest rather than angled to it.

Screen printing is a complex job. Simplify part of your process by investing in the Riley Hopkins Laser Guiding System, and you'll never print crooked again. 

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