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shirt with a tiger on it next to a man swinging a flash dryer over a platen

The Tools Needed for Oversized Prints

Oversized prints are bold, loud, and eye-catching. Oversized prints are a cool way to show off a brand or artistic talent. To execute oversized prints, you need the right set of tools. Our latest video by Golden Press Studio goes over what tools and equipment you need to effectively pull off oversized prints.


First up, you gotta make the design. In the video, Cory uses elements from the Screen Printers' Branding Starter Pack as well as the Hot Gold Font (both he created). It's a massive print, coming to 12.5 inches by 17.5 inches. A larger print means you need larger film like the 13x19 Rite Film


Using larger films means you need larger screens (surprise, surprise). A 23x31 screen would suffice a large print.

You also need to consider the size of your exposure unit. If you're using a smaller unit like the UV Screen Exposure Unit or the 20x24 RXP LED Exposure Unit, you won't be able to expose the large image onto the screen. For oversized prints, you'll need larger exposure units like the 25x36 RXP LED Exposure Unit, the X-Vactor, the FX, etc.  


Once you got your screens burned and ink mixed, it's time to print. You do need to make a few adjustments first. 

You'll need a bigger squeegee. The squeegee should be an inch wider on each side of the print. For the print Golden Press Studio created, they would need a squeegee that's at least 14.5 inches.

Next up, the platen. The standard-sized platen won't cut it for the oversized prints. Golden Press Studio used the 16x22 aluminum platen, which worked quite smoothly.

Lastly, you should take a look at your flash dryer. Many printers may use one, small flash dryers to flash one side of the print and then the other side. Some have two small flash dryers set up to flash each side of the print. It works, but it's not as consistent as having one, large flash dryer. Golden Press Studio used the 18x24 Riley Hopkins Flash Dryer. It covered the entire print and maintained consistent heat over each shirt.

person on press

Photo by Golden Press Studio.

Those are the main tools you need to execute oversized prints. If you think Golden Press Studio's new shop shirt is rad, buy one for yourself from their website. If there are any process videos you'd like to see, message us on Instagram and we'll try to make it happen!

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