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Why Choose ROQ for Automatic Screen Printing

So you are ready to automate your screen printing business but are unsure as to which automatic press is right for you. At Ryonet, we truly believe that ROQ Automatic Screen Printing Presses are the way to go. Check out our reasons below on why we think choosing ROQ for automatic screen printing will be the right choice for you.

Keeping the Screen Printer in Mind

With its faster than industry standard production speeds, and a leading warranty, the ROQ is a beast. ROQ Presses behave like a screen printing machine, not a machine that's been tooled to screen print. Simply put, ROQ Automatic Presses are made with screen printers in mind.

Speed and Manipulation

Everything is fast and intuitive, from setting your squeegee angle and height, to changing platens with a single quick release mechanism, to raising your print heads for smooth cleaning and registration. Not only can a ROQ make your job set-up three times faster, but you get to work with tighter, easier to manipulate, true X/Y Micro Registration. This helps to ensure that your prints are clean and dialed-in from print one.

Other Great Features

Other features that save time and improve process include easy snap-in squeegees and flood bars, individual front and rear off-contact adjustments, and clean, easy-access controls on your print heads.


Don't forget about the support system that comes with your ROQ! When you bring a ROQ into your shop, you bring the ROQ family. That includes tons of videos, articles, and blog posts about the ROQ automatic presses, and a constant support system, ready and willing to help with whatever problems you might encounter. Our ROQ support team will be with you from purchase to install and beyond.

Starting the ROQ Process

Are you interested in learning more about getting a ROQ? Head on over to our ROQ information request page and fill out the form. One of our screen printing pros will be happy to help you decide which press is right for you. To learn more about automated screen printing, check out our blog on the Top Four Reasons to Automate Your Screen Printing. 

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