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Your journey through the world of automatic equipment doesn’t have to stop at your press. Did you know that ROQ also manufactures a wide range of automatic add-ons that can help further your automatic printing experience? From smart, automatic flash dryers to the ultimate in folding, stacking, and packing technology, ROQ is there to give you that extra boost your newly-automatic shop needs.

Positive Registration Unit (PRU)

The Positive Registration Unit is an innovative system that was developed to allow a pre-register of the film positives in the screen, reducing dramatically set-up times in ROQ machines. On average, PRU users have seen upwards of a 50% reduction in job set-up times.

ROQ Dry Evolution Quartz Smart Probe Flash Dryer

By integrating the ROQ Evo Quartz Flash Dryer into your ROQ set up, you’ll never scorch a shirt, over flash ink, or damage a platen again. The ROQ Dry Evo is built with Smart Probe technology that reads the temperature of the print and communicates it back to the motherboard, which allows you to maximize production and minimize scorching mistakes. The ROQ Dry Evo QuartzFlash works perfectly for the ROQ You, Eco, and Oval models. How many shirts do you think you or your employee on a manual press is outputting? 100-300? Here’s another question for you: Does print number one and print number three hundred look the same? As much as anyone loves printing, it’s easy to agree that after a long day, you feel a bit ragged. Your shoulders and wrists are sore, your back is aching, and your feet are singing the blues.


ROQ Dry Eco Quartz Flash Dryer

The ROQ Eco Quartz Flash is also designed to complement any of the ROQ automatic presses. The dryer connects directly to the machine’s system to power the flash and communicates dwell time for efficient production. The ROQ Dry Eco is uniquely designed to be placed under an existing print head, which allows you to use your press with more versatility. 


ROQ Flock Automatic Flocking Station

The ROQ Flock automatic flocking station is the first fully integrated screen printing flock application unit for an automatic screen printing press. The flocking station allows a print shop to automate the flocking process for one to four colors and includes a cleaning/vacuum station to ensure the flock is presentable for sale. This system comes together perfectly with the computer systems and format of the ROQ Eco and Oval Automatic Presses.

ROQ Flock


ROQ Press Foil Automatic Heatpress Station and Foil Application 

Traditionally, the foiling process is slow and takes multiple steps which cost a lot in labor and overhead to produce. The ROQ Press Foil Automatic Heatpress Station solves this by automating the foil application process right in line with the rest of your screen printing job. This means that foil can be applied precisely, and in tight registration around plastisol ink that would usually be impossible without an inline foil system. The ROQ Foil also allows for up to two colors of foil to be applied at the same time. The ROQ Foil gives your shop a competitive edge in capability, price, and profit. 

ROQ Press Foil


ROQ Cool Automatic Cooler Attachment 

ROQ automatic presses all use aluminum honeycomb pallets, which is the optimal material for screen printing pallets. The material makes them lighter and brings in a number of other advantages, one of the most important of which being temperature manipulation. Temperature is a key factor in printing. Unlike with traditional wood or solid aluminum platens, the aluminum honeycomb pallets allow for greater control over the surface temperature. With that in mind, ROQ developed the ROQ Cool. This is a new module that can be connected to any ROQ printhead and is powered by the press itself. It uses the compressed air from the press to blow a steady, even current of fresh air all over the pallet, cooling and readying it for the next step of the job. 

ROQ Cool


ROQ Press Iron Automatic Attachment 

The ROQ Press Iron module attaches to the print head of any ROQ automatic press, and gives you smoother prints, eliminates fibers and fibrillation, and creates special effects. The ROQ Press Iron works inline, so there are no disruptions to the printing process. It uses heat and mechanical force to press and smooth the texture of both print and fabric, giving a more uniform and high-quality appearance to any garment. Very easy to configure, the ROQ Press Iron works in synchronization with the rest of your ROQ automatic press. 

ROQ Iron Press

Automatic Folding, Stacking, and Packing 

ROQ Fold Automatic Folding Machine 

Folding shirts is time-consuming and labor intensive, but for larger shops, offering this service may win you bigger jobs and better clients. The ROQ Fold can fold pretty much any garment; t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. The folder is capable of an 800 piece per hour pace and only needs one operator to load. The machine can run automatically, or the operator can activate it using a simple foot pedal. The ROQ Fold is fast, accurate, easy to use, economical and efficient, with very low required maintenance. 

ROQ Stack Automatic T-Shirt Stacking Machine 

The ROQ Stack is an add-on for the ROQfold, stacking your newly folded shirts quickly, neatly, and efficiently. The ROQ Stack can create stacks ranging in size from one to twenty-four. The conveyor that the stacks are then loaded onto can hold up to ten stacks of twenty-four garments, ready for customer pick up, or packing for delivery. 

ROQ Pack Automatic T-shirt Packing Machine 

When your shirts are folded and stacked, you still need to pack them away for delivery. You could do this yourself, or you could let ROQ give you another helping hand. Guilt to provide high probability and speed, the ROQ Pack is one of the best tools on the market for clothing and packaging. The machine works with two large plastic reels that use three rolls of packing plastic to custom weld each bag around each shirt stack. This allows you to skip the hassle of buying multiple types of bags, without knowing which you might need. The ROQ Pack can package several shirt stack sizes and only requires the pieces to be pre-folded and loaded onto the machine. Combine the ROQ Pack with the ROQ Stack and ROQfold for the ultimate folding, stacking and packing solution.

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