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Jordy of @dazeprinting knew he wanted to run his own business since he was young. Once he found screen printing, he was hooked.

“I printed that first shirt and I was shocked by how rewarding it was. The mess, the process, the experimenting and learning, I was hooked,” Jordy said.

Here’s more of what Jordy had to say:

1. What drove you to start screen printing?

Art and creativity is the backbone of everything I do. I knew since I was in elementary school that I wanted to run my own business. I sought out so many different avenues but once I landed on screen printing I was sold. I printed that first shirt and I was shocked by how rewarding it was. The mess, the process, the experimenting and learning, I was hooked. As soon as I quit my job and dove in head first I discovered just how possible it really was and that it’s everything I’ve ever wanted.

2. Your designs are really rad! Do you design images in house?

I design almost everything we print here at Daze. A lot of clients come to me to design and print new merch for their brands and small businesses. I love design and feel it’s something that sets Daze apart from lots of other print shops.

3. Your print/camper van is dope! How did you decide to use the van for screen printing? How’s that working? 

So the print van has definitely had its ups and downs. Until recently I was living in it, printing out of it, and daily driving it. She’s ol’ reliable but it has its drawbacks. I always wanted a mobile business and this seemed like the easiest way to try it out and see how it works. It’s been challenging but when it works it’s an absolute blast!

A van housing screen printing equipment and supplies sits in a parking lot while a dog rests nearby

4. You do a lot of pop-ups and markets. What advice would you give to other printers doing the same thing?

If you are a screen printer with a shop taking on commercial orders then you should view those popups as a place to meet people and network. You may not make a lot of money at the popups (at least not in comparison to how much the shop can be making) but you will meet clients, other printers, and some really rad people.

5. If you could do this all over again, what would you change?

I would have spent more time studying and learning the craft from experts in the field. Read more books, spent more time sketching and practicing. Being the best in your field means knowing that you don’t know everything and there’s always something to learn from everyone you meet.

a small press and vastex dryer sit in the back of a van as a mobile print station

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