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The artist behind Pretty Done has always loved line work, and began screen printing to add a touch of personalized fun to the brand. After getting his hands dirty in screen printing and mural art, here’s what they had to say:

a white t-shirt with faces on it hangs from a screen on a riley hopkins 300 press

How has screen printing affected your business?

It has expanded my capability and is another option to offer for my artwork.

Your murals are stunning. What’s the process for creating one?

Each mural is different. From the intention of the painting, location, longevity, who it's for and even the color palette. It's all customized and tailored to the customer and situation but 95% of them are improvised and freestyle designed in the moment with minimum sketching and prep.

If you could give one piece of advice to other artists, what would it be?

Experiment, learn, create, adopt, adapt, enjoy, finalize, repeat. Be consistent, know what you want to do with your art and have confidence in your vision. Action is everything!

a riley 300 sits in a shop where the floor has been extensively doodled on with black line art

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