March '24 Screen Printing Class: Where Creativity and Community Collide  |

This March, the in-person screen printing class, Screen Print Experience at Ryonet HQ in Vancouver, Washington, hit a sweet spot of learning, creativity, and fun. A big shout-out to everyone who made it, from the local attendees to the travelers from afar. Your drive and eagerness to head into screen printing made this session one for the history books.



Leading the screen printing class was none other than Colin Huggins, whose expertise in screen printing is as well-known as his ability to break down complex techniques into bite-sized, easy-to-grasp concepts. Not to forget, we had three other screen printing instructors on deck, each bringing their unique expertise and insights to the mix.


One of the class’ focal points was the breakdown of design separations, where Colin and our team of instructors offered invaluable insights and practical demonstrations. This segment was particularly engaging, as participants learned the nuances of preparing artwork for screen printing. Using high-quality emulsions became a key lesson, ensuring that each print would emerge with crisp details and vibrant colors.


The screen printing class wasn't just about absorbing information; it was hands-on, giving participants in the practical aspects of screen printing. They had the opportunity to work with the Riley Hopkins Manual presses and the ROQ NEXT Automatic Screen Printing Press. This experience not only showcased the variety of printing options but also allowed the attendees to experiment with different materials, tools and equipment. The session included the use of FN-INK™ Plastisol Inks, known for their vivid colors and durability, and Green Galaxy™ Water Based Inks, noted for their eco-friendly properties and soft finish. This exploration into the variety of inks available opened up new possibilities for creative expression and technique.



Our journey together doesn't end here! This class was merely the beginning of what we hope will be an exciting, ongoing adventure in screen printing. Whether you’re a complete beginner or someone who’s already caught the screen printing bug and craves more, we’re rolling out the welcome mat. Let's make some standout prints together in our next Screen Print Experience Class!

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