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Green Galaxy Neptune Blue HSA Water Based Ink

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Approximate Pantone® Value: 293U

Intense blue found only in the mines beneath the cold surface of Neptune. Easy for man, planet, and screen printer, Green Galaxy's Neptune Blue ready for use water based ink is out of this world. Neptune Blue is specially formulated to stay wet while printing, cover fabric, and wash extremely well. Not only is it easy to use but it feels amazing on the garment and can even be printed on uncoated paper for poster printing. After a day of printing, simply clean Neptune Blue with water and scoop the left over ink back into the container where it will rejuvenate itself overnight.

General Information:

Ready-to-use water based ink for screen printing on fabrics. Can be printed on polyester or dye migrating fabrics with optional use ofGreen Galaxy Warp Drivelow cure catalyst.

Mesh Guidelines:

Can be used with any mesh between 156-305.

Stencil/Emulsion Guidelines:

We recommend using either a water resistant emulsion like Green Galaxy CryoCoat and degreasing with Green Galaxy CryoPrepdegreaser. For extended life and long runs it is recommend to post expose the screens or use an emulsion hardener like Ryonet Harden-X.

Mixing info:

This product can be mixed with other Green Galaxy HSA Water Based Inks.

Printing Instructions:

Load screen with plenty of ink. Flood screen prior to printing. Green Galaxy HSA Water Based Ink can be printed with a push or pull squeegee stroke. After printing, flood screen allowing ink to sit on top of image to avoid drying. If screen clogs or exhibits dry ink in the print, re-flood and aggressively print again, this should clear the screen. If it does not clear the screen, spray a small amount of warm water into the stuck areas of the screen and wipe out with a rag. If you are leaving your screen for an extended period of time be sure to leave your screen flooded completely. If your ink begins to scale over, spray with water to rewet ink. Green Galaxy HSA Water Based Ink can be printed with other water based inks and with plastisol inks.

Flashing Instructions:

For flashing, forced air flash is optimal. Flash until dry to the touch.

Printing on an under base:

Green Galaxy HSA Water Based Ink colors can be printed on top ofGreen Galaxy Comet White, or discharge under base. Ensure that the under base is properly flashed so that it is dry before printing color on top. Perform wash test to ensure inner layer adhesion.

Curing Instructions:

Printed fabric should be cured for a minimum of 90 seconds at 360°F. Ideally, printed fabric should be cured for three minutes at 300-320°F.


After printing, perform a stretch test to ensure elasticity. It is always recommended to perform a wash test to ensure proper cure prior to going into production. You may also run abrasion testing to watch for flaking and test adhesion. Increase cure dwell time if testing fails.

Clean Up:

Ink should be removed from screen as soon as printing is completed. General wash-up (on ink that has not dried) can be done with water, though using Sgreen Aqua Wash is much easier and recommended. For aggressive or dried screens, use Sgreen Aqua Wash to dissolve ink and blast out areas of dried ink with water pressure.

Storage info:

Keep container(s) tightly closed. Store in cool, well-ventilated location that is locked.


General Safety Precautions:

Do not breathe vapors. Wear protective gloves. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using product. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Dispose of this product in accordance with local, regional, national and international regulations as specified.

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Stellar D.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Exactly What We Needed

Perfect ink for what we needed. We are a plastisol shop, and we needed an ink that we could use for our boxes without needing to change our entire set up. This ink looked great, printed easy, and we didn't need to change the screen process at all! Ryonet was great and super helpful in getting us set up. We were using an air dry ink that smelt like strong chemicals, but this ink was low odor and made my printers feel safe using.


Stellar Designs!!! You folks are awesome - we really appreciate your feedback! Moving from plastisol to water based can definitely be tricky, but what's great about WB inks is that you can print on paper - no heat needed ;) It's especially great when you can get away from solvents! If you ever need tips, tricks, or some videos on how to do more with water based inks, please let us know and we'll get you set up :) Keep ROQin on! Best, Kayli B

Paul G.
United States United States
I recommend this product
The best blue!

This blue is great on its own, or I'll add a little black and have navy blue at my finger tips! Green Galaxy Neptune Blue HSA Water Based Ink Review
United States United States
I recommend this product
Neptune Blue

Great ink, great color

yetunde r.
United States
I love the consistency

I purchased this ink to actually block print yardage with. I lie the smooth custardy consistency. It does not leave a hand on the fabric, which is something important to me.