Distressed Print with Wilflex Epic Rio RFU and the ROQ Automatic Press  | Screenprinting.com

Whether you're wanting a distressed style print for fun or professionally, Colin takes us through what you need to know! In this video you'll find great tips on distressed printing using the ROQ Next Automatic Screen Printing Press and Wilflex Epic Rio RFU inks. Colin breaks down some fundamentals in ink selection, mesh, squeegee pressure/angle and some techniques for getting that sweet vintage look on an auto press.  


Start with the Ink: Colin shows us how to use Wilflex Epic Rio RFU inks straight from the bucket. By adding a special halftone layer underneath, he sets you up for success in achieving those cool distressed looks.

Get Your Prep Right: It's all about the prep work. Colin's thorough in mixing his inks and picking the right mesh. This ensures smooth prints, clear details, and perfect alignment every time.

The Secret to Texture: The real magic happens with Colin's unique approach to the underbase. Mixing variable layers with strategic white base touches, he teaches you how to add depth and texture, making each print authentically distressed.

Follow Colin's steps, and you'll be creating beautifully distressed prints in no time.


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