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Emulsion Prep… Is it necessary to use? As much as you love spending time cleaning screens, Emulsion Prep is an extra step that can be a game changer. Let’s take a look at what Emulsion Prep is, when to use it, and how to use it.


Emulsion Prep is a high-tech degreaser. The solution improves the life of all emulsion stencils. It’ll remove all dust and oils from new and reclaimed screens. Cleaning off the dust and oils eliminates the possibility of pinholes, fisheyes, and streaks appearing in the emulsion. Emulsion Prep will also improve image resolution and definition of burned screens. If you need a high-quality screen, you’ll need Emulsion Prep.


If you want that reassurance that your screens won’t pose any issues, use it every time. Brand new screen printers should incorporate Emulsion Prep in their reclaiming process. The degreaser will get rid of any impurities in the water. Removing all the gunk prepares the mesh for proper emulsion adhesion.

Otherwise, you can use it on a case-by-case basis. If you plan to use the screens to print water-based or discharge inks, Emulsion Prep will be a huge help. It’ll increase the screens' lifespan, which is important when printing abrasive inks. Screens that break down during production is a nightmare, so it's crucial to do what you can to avoid the issue.

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Emulsion Prep is straightforward. You’ll have a clean screen in five steps:

  1. Mix one part of the Emulsion Prep with nine parts of water in a spray bottle. (If you want, you can use it in its concentrated form.)
  2. Remove all ink and emulsion residue from the screen.
  3. Apply a lot of the Emulsion Prep solution to both sides of the screen with a brush or sponge.
  4. Rinse the screen with light water pressure from a hose. Remove all traces of the chemical. Baselayr Emulsion Prep is green, so you’ll be able to make sure all of it is rinsed out.
  5. Dry the screen in a dust-free environment.

That’s it. Store the degreaser in a cool, shaded area. If stored correctly, the solution will last for two years from the date of production.

It’s difficult to achieve a stellar print if the screen is shoddy. Using a degreaser like Emulsion Prep will help establish a top-notch screen. In the end, it’s worth the extra step.

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