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You demand the most from your emulsion. Why should you expect anything less from your darkroom equipment? Check out Baselayr Exposure Units, equipment designed to perform.

Is there anything different with Baselayr’s exposure units? While one unit did get a bold upgrade, the rest are rebranded units from your favorite equipment like the RXP, X-Vactor, and FX. They include all the features you loved: they just have a new look.

Why rebrand the exposure units? To make life a little simpler. For all your darkroom supplies and equipment needs, you can turn to Baselayr. No need to hop from brand to brand, site to site. Everything you need for your darkroom is in one place.

purple led bulbs in an exposure unit


All Baselayr Exposure Units use custom designed high output LED technology. LED bulbs are the new standard. Their spectrum of light output and wattage speeds up the screen-making process and improves the quality of the stencil. Expose screens faster with far less energy. Capture more details and maintain better image resolution. Strengthen a screen’s durability. LED exposure units enhance darkroom processes, production, and the quality of the print. 


baselayr x-series exposure unit


The X1620 is the exposure unit that received a major upgrade. Its predecessor, the Ryonet Small UV Exposure Unit, had spiral UV black lights. The black lights worked, but they don’t perform nearly as efficiently as LED bulbs do. With the X1620 LED Exposure Unit, printers will experience 3-5 times faster exposure times. Imagine how much more you’ll be able to do in your shop with all the amount of time saved. And you have more detailed, durable stencils?! It’s a win-win-win situation.

Printers who need to expose screens up to 25”x36” will want to consider the X2536 (the former RXP). Not only does it have a larger exposure area, the unit has gas shocks that hold the lid in the open position. You won’t have to worry about the lid falling when you’re placing the screen and foam onto the unit. The lid is important because you won’t need extra weight to create compression for exposure. Simply close the lid, latch it, and expose. 

Both X-Series exposure units are great for garage shops, spare bedroom printers, basement hustlers. Their smaller footprint can fit in any nook or corner that you need them to. The X-Series are designed to perform for printers who are starting their business, improving their craft, and working on growing their shop.

vacuum lid on an exposure unit


When you need to capture higher detail, you need an exposure unit with a vacuum. A vacuum creates tight, positive contact between the glass, film, and emulsion. Having that strong contact means light has difficulty wrapping around the film. Printers will see a clean stencil with sharp edges. Vacuum exposure units provide a superior tool for creating detailed image resolution. 


baselayr v-series exposure unit


If your customers are requesting more detailed prints, it’s time to look at the V-Series (formerly the X-Vactor). With LED technology and a vacuum lid, printers can depend on the units to deliver consistent, intricate exposures every time. 

The V-Series offers two units — the V2331 and the V3548. The only difference between the two are their sizes (the V2331 can burn up to 23”x31” screens whereas the V3648 can expose 36”x48” screens). The equipment has other helpful features like a digital timer for accuracy and light-safe amber bulbs to inspect screens. If you’re the type of person who’s driven to produce the best results, you’re going to want to give the V-Series a look.

single point light source


Whether you’re running a high production shop focusing on spot colors or printing complex, multicolor designs, you need an exposure unit that’ll give you excellent results. Say hello to single-point LED light sources. 

With a single point light source, light is coming from one bulb. Having light come from one source is important because it means there are fewer angles of light hitting the film and emulsion. Less angles of light diminishes light wrapping around fine details. If you need to expose screens for Sim Process or CMYK printing, you’ll want to have a single point light source.

baselayr y-series exposure unit


If you ever considered the FX or LFX exposure units, Baselayr’s Y-Series will suit you well. The line captures the benefits of LED bulbs, vacuum lids, and single point light sources all in one unit. It captures fine details, has fast exposures, and produces consistent results. Plus, the Y-Series has a reflective display, which triples the power and lowers exposure times to less than 10 seconds. 

The Y3942 is the only smart exposure unit. The unit comes with an Android tablet and a special app to control the exposure unit. You can either manually enter exposure times or save times so all you have to do is click one button. Oh, did I mention it’s bluetooth enabled? Talk about making your life really easy.

Baselayr exposure units are designed for every kind of printer. Whether you’re starting out, leveling up your dark room, or pushing image resolution to the limit, Baselayr exposure units will perform optimally every time. Elevate your darkroom today. 

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