Film quality is vital to your screen printing success. Without a darker film positive, you will not get a great shirt. There are several ways in which printers can achieve a more opaque and darker film positive:

1. Double up your films:
This is the most basic thing you can do to ensure your films have a high enough opacity to allow you to burn your screen properly. Print your image on two films and then stack them. A lot of screen printers get their start by doing this and later move into other options that are more cost-effective.

2. Adjust your software settings:
CorelDraw offers a setting that will allow you to gain a more pure black when printing out your films. If you go up to Tools > Color Management > Default Settings. There check the preserve pure black box. Other programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop, may have similar options.

3. Use RIP software:
Ryonet proudly offers AccuRip as our RIP software of choice. Not only does this software allow for you to print halftones for gradient printing, but it also gives you full control over how much ink is laid down on your film, and it allows you to put all black ink into each slot to fully convert your printer over to a film output machine.

NOTE: This software is compatible with only certain models of Epson Printers.

4. Use dye based ink and waterproof film:
Ryonet offers the blackmax, dye based ink and the Rite film, waterproof film. Making sure you have the correct type of ink (dye based vs. pigment base) for the correct type of film is vital. There are films out there that are intended for use with pigment-based inks only, and wading through all of the information and specs can be tedious. If you have the incorrect ink for the incorrect film, you can experience a loss in opacity as well as ink rubbing off or changing color on the film. Dye-based ink is formulated to achieve higher opacity on film and waterproof film has a water-receptive layer, that helps the ink to settle into place and dry quicker. This also aids in film opacity as it prevents the ink from running or spreading on the film. Using a more opaque ink and a more opaque film will result in less ink used to double up, less film used to double up and no need to fill your printer with colored ink that you may never use.

NOTE: AccuRip (Or other ink managing RIP software) must be used in order to convert your printer over to an all black in system.

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