How to Print on Nylon Windbreakers

How to Print on Nylon Windbreakers

Jacelyn Wedman
Printing on nylon is a struggle. Many variables and differences in the material can make print jobs difficult. Once you get the process right, it’s a cinch. Jonathan Overmeyer at Golden Press Studio walks through how to print on nylon windbreakers using their original shirt design.
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Make Your Mark with the Entrepreneur Screen Printing Shop Package

Sage Larson
Imagine working for yourself. You set the hours, determine what's the quality standard, choose who you want to print for — you're the boss. Make your mark with the Entrepreneur Screen Printing Shop Package. Providing all essential equipment and supplies, the package helps get your business up and running with less hassle. 
one half of the print is the white underbase, the other half is the full color print

Everything You Need to Know to Screen Print an Underbase

Sage Larson
Knowing how to screen print an underbase is crucial for screen printers. If you want a bright, vivid print, you'll need to lay down a solid white base. Rogue Lab Owner Lee Stuart breaks down the steps on how to achieve a fantastic underbase.
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Tips for Screen Printing Over Buttons and Zippers

Sage Larson
The first time you try to print over polos, flannels, dress shirts, and the dreaded zipper hoodie, you might notice a few issues. As you pull the squeegee across the screen and approach the button or zipper, the screen will ride up on top of it, leaving a mass of ink around the zipper or button. In the end, it turns out to be a messy print. Printing on garments with buttons or zippers can be difficult. With a little effort and the right tools, it’s possible to do it right.
a gallon of comet white and pitch black on a table full of squeegees

Is Water Based Printing Right For You?

Sage Larson
Intrigued by water-based inks? Water-based inks are great because they feel so soft on the garment and simple to print basic jobs, but it becomes challenging when printing complex art and it requires more legwork. Whether you’re ready for a new challenge or you received a request from a customer, printing with water-based inks is a whole new ball game compared to printing plastisol inks. Ink master Colin Huggins has shared helpful knowledge you need to know about water-based printing to help you decide if it’s right for you.
jonathan overmyer in front of a palm print with text saying 420 prints for 60 shirts

The Easiest Way to Make a Print Pop on a White Shirt

Sage Larson
Golden Press Studio turns up the heat with a multicolor, Miami Vice-themed print for a tattoo shop. Needing to print a two-color pocket, four-color back, and one-color sleeve, the shop takes on the challenge to make this bodacious print. Watch the team burn the screens, register, print, and cure to make a vibrant, vibin' print. All done with standard FN-INK™ colors. 
hand squeezing water based pallet adhesive on pallet with text saying water based adhesive is better

Why Water Based Adhesive is a Better Screen Print Adhesive

Sage Larson
When Golden Press Studio moved into their new space, they set a challenging goal for themselves — keep the shop clean. Looking for ways to achieve that goal, they stumbled upon water-based pallet adhesive. Not only has it helped keep their space spotless, it has also been a valuable asset to their screen printing process. Don't believe me? Listen to Jonathan explain how it has impacted their shop as well as best practices for using the adhesive.
person holding a printed box

How to Print Your Own Custom Boxes

Sage Larson
Why bother customizing the boxes you ship garments in? It's actually a small, but significant way to stand out from the crowd and look incredibly professional. That package is the customer's first impression of your business, why not make it a good one? Luckily, it's fairly easy to print on cardboard boxes. Rogue Lab Owner Lee Stuart breaks down every step of the process — from creating the artwork to curing the ink — so you can customize your own boxes effortlessly. 
pulling transfer paper off of print on a shirt

How to Make Plastisol Heat Transfers

Sage Larson

Screen printing heat transfers can seem daunting but in reality, it’s fairly simple. If made properly, plastisol heat transfers can last almost as long as a screen prints and can be much easier to apply in certain scenarios like decorating hats, neck labels, names for sport apparel, and more. 

Let's walk through the basic components and process of screen printing your own heat transfers.

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How Stark Screen Printing has Coped with COVID and Supported Local Businesses

Sage Larson
Sadly, the pandemic hasn't disappeared. As it has exploded in the West and East Coast, to the South, and now the Midwest, businesses all over the United States have felt, are feeling, or will feel the effects of the virus. Some screen printers have felt it, while others have been able to push through. Stark Screen Printing is one of those screen printers that have stayed afloat, but it's thanks to her hard work and her supportive community.
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A Checklist for Equipment and Supplies Needed to Start Up a Screen Print Shop

Sage Larson
Ready to start screen printing? It's a big jump, but it's so worth it. To build your shop, you will need to obtain some equipment and supplies. Our Sales and Success Team put together a handy check list of everything you should consider investing in your future shop.
Riley Hopkins Forced Air Flash Dryer with smoke in the background

Don't be Scared to Print with Water-Based Inks. Be Prepared.

Sage Larson
Printing with water-based ink is a whole new ball game compared to plastisol ink. One of the challenges of water-based inks is achieving proper cure. With water-based inks, the water needs to evaporate before the pigment can cure. Having equipment with forced air is the most efficient way to cure water-based inks. Not every printer can get his or her hands on a forced air conveyor dryer, but investing in a forced air flash dryer is more feasible.