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When creating inks, PolyOne, the parent company of Wilflex, bases their testing on five key performance indicators that they call, “Simpli5.”  Let’s talk about the Simpli5 details of our newly updated Wilflex Epic Perfect White.

Performance in Bucket

How the ink performs before it even leaves the bucket is a very important factor in the experience of an ink.  Wilflex Epic Perfect White is a creamy ink that manages to avoid being overly thick like so many other white inks.  The ink is easy to work with and get out of the bucket, and the more you stir it, the more it will ‘loosen’ up, making handling even easier.

Performance on Press

One of the places a lot of inks goes wrong is how it performs when you actually get it on press.  You want an ink that you can put in screen easily, that gives you smooth coverage, and that clears your screen with minimal effort. Perfect White manages all of this, as well as faster flash times to speed your production, and the ability to be used easily on both manual presses as well as automatics.

Performance on Garment

After the ink gets onto the shirt, how does it behave then?  Does it have good opacity and a vivid print?  After you cure it, how does it stretch, and how well does it hold up to washing?  Perfect White is a bright, opaque white that has great on-shirt durability for stretching, washing, and general wear.  If you’re using it on a polyester blend garment, you’ll find a great bleed resistance that keeps your white true and untouched.


So, your shirt is printed, cured, and ready to wear.  How does it look?  Perfect White gives you an incredibly soft hand feel, a smooth matte finish, crisp and clean details, and a vivid, opaque white for whatever design you’re printing.  It’s great for being printed as a single color white, or for being used alongside any of Wilflex’s line of bright colors.

Regulatory and Compliance

It’s important that you can feel comfortable and safe with the products you’re using, whether they’re chemicals or inks.  PolyOne provides extensive certification and testing for their inks, so you can know for sure what you’re putting onto your shirt.  Wilflex Epic inks are lead and pthalate free and are Oeko-Tex certified. If you’re looking for the full compliance and regulation information for Wilflex inks, please check it out here!

Check out this video we did about Perfect White’s Simpli5 to get more details!

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