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How to Create Engaging Social Media Posts

In today’s world, if you want to successfully market your business you need to be on social media. If social media marketing is done well, it can bring you leads that convert to sales. Screen printers, and everyone else that uses social media marketing, need to make sure that their posts are engaging in order to pull customers in. Check out our simple tips below on how to craft the perfect social media post.

Captivating Imagery

Imagery is the bread and butter of all things social media. It is what first catches potential customers’ eyes and what keeps them looking. So, it is safe to say that when making a social media post, what type of imagery you are going to use should be at the forefront of your mind. You don’t just have to stick to photographs. You can include videos, boomerangs, collages, memes, and more. Try out all of the different types of imagery and pay attention to what your followers engage with the most. Then do more of that!

For whatever imagery you are going to use, you want to make sure that it is well lit, doesn’t include a lot of grain, and is well composed. If you need some tips on how to capture good imagery, check out our photography tips.

Get Creative With Your Captions

You don’t want your captions to be the same old humdrum every day, so make sure to vary the types of captions you use. If you just simply state what the job you are printing is, people are going to start getting bored. Think about how you can change that caption up. Can you make a joke, play off a popular saying, or something completely different?

Ask Questions

One of the easiest ways to get people to engage with your social media posts is to ask questions. You will get a lot more comments and most likely a lot more likes too. Asking questions makes people feel important and in turn, makes them want to talk to you. It can be as simple as asking them what design they would like to see next.

Engage Back

If people are engaging with your social media posts, then you need to engage right back with them. When they ask you questions, answer! If they just comment, reply back or like their comment. If your followers see other people engaging on your posts but you not responding back, they will be less likely to engage with you on future posts.

Trial and Error

No matter what, social media marketing is going to be trial and error. Your customers and followers are unique to you and are not going to engage the same way that someone else’s does. Test your ideas and pay attention to what your customers engage with the most. Post more of what they like.

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