Press On Episode Four: Together IS Better  |

The latest episode of the Press On series is here! Ryonet continues the saga of bringing together some of the brightest and rad people in this industry to talk through some of the challenges and successes. We also want to share ideas as a community because Together IS Better. We’re looking at how to use your shop to serve your community, the fast-paced action necessary in the quick changing climate, and products and services needed during these times.

The Press On Series was started because we wanted to look at the reality of what it means to own a print shop in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Shop owners from across the country have shared their stories, thoughts and experiences of how they have been impacted. The Ink Kitchen, BELLA+CANVAS, Impressions, and Ryonet have partnered together to bring this information to all printers.


Tiny ideas having monstrous effects has never been more applicable than in this moment. This Missouri shop started the #HereForGood campaign. In effort to support struggling businesses, the shop set up an online store for businesses, selling shirts for $20. Half of the earnings goes to the businesses, the other half goes to the printing production and shop's staff. Shop Owner Sloan Coleman started a spark that erupted into a fire.

"Within 5 days of opening online and advertising the store to local businesses only using social media and the hashtag #HereForGoodSTL, more than 40 St. Louis business owners submitted t-shirt designs to sell," according to Tiny Little Monster's press release. "In just one weekend, Tiny Little Monster raised more than $7,000 and by April 7th, more than 3,000 shirts had been sold. They generated $30,000 in sales donations delivered directly to the participating businesses."

The flame of the campaign jumped out of Missouri and caught afire in now 34 states. When searching #HereForGood on social media, you'll see different shops' take on the idea. It's incredible to see how communities have stepped up to help out each other during these trying times. 



Being there for each other in all forms is what we all need during these trying times. John Agosto of Taino Ink is supporting other screen printers through his YouTube videos. He's sending out positive, motivational messages to other printers who need encouragement right now. He's also doing what he can to continue helping out new printers by answering all their screen printing questions. 

John is in the epicenter of the pandemic – New York City. He noticed the need for face masks for non-medical but essential employees. He acted quickly, and began offering face masks. He didn't stop there though. When he was out in public and noticed an elderly person without a face mask, he gave them one for free. Giving back in this time of need warms everyone's hearts. 



The three-man team has hit the ground running to help out other shops. To assist shops getting their version of a Here For Good campaign started, their graphic designer created a "Support Local" design that could be downloaded for free. Golden Press Studio provided an asset the screen printing world didn't know it needed. Hundreds of printers downloaded the design and started printing it, spreading the word and providing support for other businesses within their community. Below, Floodway Print Co. used the design to launch their campaign within their community in Canada. 

Seeing the high demand and need for quality art has motivated the team to continue creating designs for screen printers at an affordable price. The team has learned that just because they're required to stay in their homes, they can still give back to the screen printing community.



With the mandatory lockdown, businesses that are still open need to let their current and prospective customers know that they're still open. Envision Tees is here to help. The Iowa shop is printing free banners with businesses' names and contact information so they can get the attention of more people and hopefully generate more business. The shop is also creating face masks out of extra t-shirts. 

This Midwest shop is also participating in the Here For Good campaign. Creating online stores for local businesses to sell shirts to earn some income has taken off in Iowa. The team has raised about $15,000 and plans to expand their fundraiser from the Dubuque area to serve the whole state of Iowa.



When the times change, you don't just sit back and watch, you get up and go! This California shop was on top of the new normal from the get-go. Creating and offering masks to the Bay area, the shop did their part of helping and protecting their community. 



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