Finally, A DIY kit for Serious Printers

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From the moment you receive the box in the mail, Ryonet’s DIY Print Shop Kit shouts innovation. With its unique graphics (courtesy of Print Liberation) printed proudly on the packaging, you are welcomed into the world that Ryonet and Print Liberation rules: Do It Yourself Screen Printing. Once containing only a one-color press, the new DIY 4-Color Screen Printing Kit now allows DIY-ers to print up to four colors per design, giving beginners the tools they need to print like a pro.

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Videos, Videos and More Videos

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We've made several new how-to videos in last few weeks... it's a real how-to-screen-print-palooza. Indeed. Is there ever too many videos that teach, instruct, inspire and encourage? We think not.

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Rise Up International and Screen Printing

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The Ryonet team wishes each and every one of you a lovely National Screen Printing Day today!!! It's one big hooray for our industry and all the amazing screen printers that work (and play!!!) so hard. Hooray :)

As we celebrate today, we'd like to shine a light on a group of people using screen printing for good... no, for greatness. This group of people, Rise Up International, inspire us to be sure. Maybe you've heard of them?!!!? If not, check their website out and learn about what they're up to.

Ryan Prints with sRoque

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Just a quick fun video... a while back Ryan wanted to do a print with sRoque. Watch it all unfold here:

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Clear Choice Screen Registration Tape

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In this busy world of screen printing so many products exist to help you be more efficient and, by extension, make your screen printing world run smoother. The Ryonet team is happy to announce we've got something new to add to your list of favorite-life-improving products!!!

You Rock, 25 Watts Print & Design!!!

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Good Thursday morning one and all... hopefully this week has bee good to you and you've been elbow deep in printing something fabulous.

Every now and then the Ryonet team gets wind of screen printing stories that we can't help but share. Today is a day for sharing. Set down that squeegee and pull up a chair; it's time for a story!!!

Our friends over at 25 Watts Print & Design, a screen printing consultancy group, were contacted for a last minute t-shirt job and, we'll let them tell you all about it...

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[Video] ROQ Factory Tour

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Curious what it's like where all those fabulous sRoque presses are made? Well, wonder no more... we've got a tour of sorts for you to feast your eyes on! Enjoy this video...

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Print Shop Highlight: Kolor Splash

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Near and dear our hearts is the work of our customers… from time to time we hear from some of you, and sometimes you’re telling us “Thank You”. Here’s the thing, it’s truly our pleasure. We love to share the awesomeness that is screen printing! We celebrate your victories right along with you and want to help trouble shoot your challenges. Every screen printer has a unique story to tell and we think that’s pretty cool. We received a letter recently from Eric Sanchez and wanted to tell you about his story. Eric got started in screen printing as a part time sales rep. Things have changed a lot in the last eight years—he and his wife, Maria, now run their own screen printing company called Kolor Splash. We asked Eric to share a little bit about his journey—How he started, what inspired him, what it means to have his own company, what it’s like working as a husband/wife team etc.

10 Funny Things That Should Never Be Said To A Screen Printer

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We thought you might need a chuckle... a little LOL in your afternoon! You can thank Nick (one of our resident video gurus and member of Ryonet's Marketing team) for rounding up some pretty funny things commonly said to screen printers from our screen printer friends on Facebook.

Need a Screen Printer???

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Come one, come all!!! Those of you who are looking to hire a screen printer now or even if you know you'll be needing to soon... we've got an excellent opportunity for you!!! We're wrapping up our Workforce Training Academy class and have 14 trained and qualified students who are excited to find work in the screen printing industry.

We've got their photos, bios and resumes posted under the Workforce Training Academy 2012 menu on the blog's main page for you to see. Go ahead, take a peak... we're proud of them!!!

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We Are Screen Printers, Ode to Screen Printing (part 2)

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It's no secret that we're passionate about screen printing around these parts... screens, ink, presses, squeegees-it all gets us pretty excited! So much so, that we made a video last July as our ode to screen printing. That's right, an ODE. Above and beyond the craft of screen printing itself, our goal was (and is) to acknowledge the people behind the printing... SCREEN PRINTERS!!! You are the reason we do what we do and why we love it, truly. Check out our second video... our second ode... we're on a roll... because you're awesome!!!

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