Wear Masks. Why? CDC Issues Guidelines for Businesses To Reopen  | Screenprinting.com

The CDC has set new official guidelines for businesses to follow as they reopen to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Why? Because just in our own backyard, a food packing plant in Vancouver, WA, spread 84 cases of COVID-19, spiking the county’s total cases over the past two months by 20%! And who hasn't heard about the Tyson chicken factories? (See references at the bottom).

In order to help prevent further outbreaks, the CDC says employees should wear a cloth face mask "in all areas of the business” along with sanitation, hand washing, and distancing. (See references at the bottom for more information).

Many customers have had great success providing the reusable, sustainable, and comfortable Allmask™ to their customers as branded or blank to serve this need. YES, the Allmask™ is more expensive, but it lasts longer, washes better, fits tighter, and is more comfortable. What’s a better investment, buying a mask that lasts two days, or one that lasts two months? Learn three tips on how to sell face masks.

Allmade also has a unique variety of colors in both tri-blend and organic cotton face mask options.


Download our Allmask Photoshop template and other resources to make professional mockups. 

If you have an opportunity to supply a business with more than 1,000 units and need a custom quote or need help with the printing of masks, just email our team at allmask@ryonet.com — we’ve got you “covered!” 

Be safe, stay strong, and feel your impact.

If you need a platen to print on face masks, check out the Ryonet Universal Face Mask Platen.

Learn how to screen print on face masks.





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